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This site is for the exclusive use of agency principals affiliated with the CM Alliance (CMA) to provide information, materials and resources to assist them in recruiting and developing their producers. It will include some information not currently available or easily accessible from an Alliance insurer, as well as consolidated insurer sourced materials in one central easily accessible location.

Examples of what may be on the site include:

  • Preassembled Introduction/Recruiting Kits for CMA insurers
  • GA, management and agent level commission schedules and grids for each insurer or vendor, including some custom made by CMA exclusively for its GA members
  • Compensation, bonus and incentive compensation promotional information
  • Agent contract comparisons for selected insurers custom created by CMA for its members
  • Recruiting and sales flyers Individually customizable by each CMA GA
  • Agent contracting forms and kits
  • Resources for agent training including web-class usable materials
  • Competitive product and other sales related information
  • Important Insurer contact information
  • Insurer procedural or operations manuals and documents
  • Links to insurer and vendor websites

In addition to materials and information created or provided by the CM Alliance or an insurers, it is intended that transferable and useful recruiting and agent development information provided by its members may occasionally be shared with the other members.

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